Can I do this?
I constantly ask myself this . How long can i continue like this?

I look up from my computer to call out my kid’s name indicating he should stop snatching away something from his sister. I look down at my two year old sitting by my feet on the carpet, having a little “bath” with the water she is supposed to be drinking.

Just then my older one comes right next to my ear asking me questions that cannot be answered in one sentence but takes googling to find out.

With all of this going on round me I am still writing.I have to continue.

I am supermama after all.

I think back to the morning as I was driving them to school. I was trying to plan my day, trying to work out how to make it on time for the parent teacher’s meeting and still take them to their after school activities. My 6 year old’s scream jolts me out of my thoughts. Suddenly, its screams and shouts all over. I try not to scream too.

I have to solve the problem, be judge , keep calm. I am still driving.

I am supermama afterall.

Back to present, my 2 year old has finished her “bath” on the carpet and is screaming her head off because her brother took his ball away, which of course she has decided is her property, at this stage everything belongs to her.
Just as I was about to interfere she suddenly decides its not worth it, and has a better idea. Time for hairdressing….mommys hair!!! Ahhhh!!! I continue writing…

I am super mama after all.

After I find a way of wrangling my hair away from my 2 year old’s clutches, I have to get them ready for their various activities. Tennis for A and football for B. I will take C to the playground while we wait for them to finish.

There will be screaming in the car, sometimes even throwing, a little bit of physical fighting. I will probably scream a couple of times myself.

I will continue driving.

I am supermama after all.

A normal day in a super mamas life.

To all the super mamas out there.

Go get’em!!!


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