Getting Rid Of The Mommy Guilt

So apparently it happens to every one. The dreadful mommy guilt.

Always worrying, thinking you are the most awful mom there could be. Always thinking why cant you be like so and so ,that has it all sorted out.

I for instance, alway tend to feel quilty when I let my kids watch too much tv.

I feel guilty when I don’t take them out of the house to play .

I feel guilty when I don’t play with them.

I feel really bad when I look around and my house is a big mess.

I sit in bed at night thinking about how I yelled at one of my kids.

I dont bake enough with my kids.

I am not organised enough.

I don’t volunteer to go on school trips often.

I feel guilty when I spend time out and leave them home with the nanny.

I could go on and on….

Bottom line is, I am horrible mom! But apparently I am not the only one who thinks that way.

Talking to some of my girlfriend revealed that most of us mommys are riddled with guilt half of the time!
Guilt guilt guilt!!!

So what should we do about it?

There is no perfect mom, and there could never be. So when you start feeling like you are the worst mommy on earth, remind yourself of that and just try the best you can.

Spend As much time as you can with them

Spend some time with your kids, kiss them hug, love them any chance you get.That is the most important. That is what they really need.

We all know there will will be some unpleasant times, when your kids are either cranky, misbehaving or at times just having a really loud day, when you in turn get annoyed, but the most important thing is, when you are having the good times, make the most of it.

Let some things go

Learn to let go of the mess sometimes.I used to get so upset whenever I looked around and my living room was a mess.I came to realise that its not so bad, a few toys here and there was not the end of the world.So I let them enjoy and of course clean up afterwards.

Most of all I learned to stop trying to be perfect.No one is, no one can be.That is only for our creator.


How do you deal with mommy guilt? Would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below



  1. I can understand these guilts even though I’m a father. Like how I wish I could give my son a better life (as I was divorced). Juggling between financial responsibility and caring for my child often means sacrificing one for the other. I just try my best in everything I do and have faith that all will be well in the end.

  2. Hey Muslimama:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I do think that guilt is just part of the package of being a human being. We are, after all, such limited, little beings in this big old world.

    Moms are especially prone to it. We want so very much to do everything we can for our children and, of course, we fall down a lot.

    Remembering that you are doing the best you know how for them and that, very likely, they will be just fine is the only antidote that works. Hugs help a lot too.

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