Discover Who you are Muslimah

One day I decided to sit down and ask myself…..Who am I?

The question might actually be who was I?
Who was I before I became the Wife? The mother?
Who was I before I became the cook, the driver, the homemaker, the carer…..

The reason why i say “who was I” is because truth be told, most actions I take now are associated with those roles.

Within the day, I am rushing to make sure everything is perfect for everyone.

Time to discover who you are

This is a good time to sit back and think about your life Muslimah and any changes that need to be made.

Time to ask yourself muslimama, who are you?                                                                              

What are your qualities, your talents,  your skills? Are you being all that you can be? Are you utilising the skills that Allah SWT has given you?

What positive changes can you make in your life using your skills, qualities and talents? How can you make them?

It is hard for us sometimes to actually realise what we are good at. What our qualities are.

Here are some tips to help you:



What do you like to do? What are you passionate about?

Think back to the days when you were not married, not a mother.What did you like to do in your spare time. I am almost sure at this stage in your life its probably just putting your feet up and resting. So I ask, what did you like to do?
I for example, loved to write.I had a diary where I wrote down poems or just my thoughts.

So write down all the things you were good at, or the activities you like doing.Are you a good cook? Do you like painting? Are you a good listener? Do you enjoy helping people?


Ask Your Friends And Family

Ask your relatives, friends to tell you some of your qualities, skills or talent you have.You will be surprised about what you learn and might end up finding out more about yourself. When I did this I was surprised about one quality in particular that I was not aware I had, and as my husband said, it comes naturally to me.

As humans we are often blinded to the things we are most good at, we are often our worst critics.This is especially true for us women.


Try New Things

Sometimes its hard for us to find out what we are good at, because we have not really tried it.

It can be something that you have always been interested in.I for one, have always been interested in painting. I have not tried it much, but I believe if I do decide to give it a try, I might just be good at it.

There was a friend of mine a couple of years back that called me up one day and said that she had suddenly discovered she could draw portraits of people. I have to tell you, when she told me I couldn’t really believe it.How can you suddenly at the age of twenty five, develop such a gift. But when she showed me the drawings she had made, I was totally amazed! They were spectacular!

When I asked her how it is she just became an artist, the answer was, she had not really tried it before and she just decided to give it a go. So try something new tat you are interested in, and see how it goes.

Allah made you, yes you mama, and gave you special qualities and special talents.

Reach deep down and find those qualities, ask all your friends, your family ,what are you good at, try something new to discover a new talent. Then find a way of using them, find a way of recapturing that young girl, her joys, her dreams.

Find a way utilize them, develop them, better yourself.

Remember, you can achieve anything you set our mind to.

So ask yourself muslimama…Who are you?

After doing this exercise, I found out I was compassionate, caring and creative, so I sat and pondered about how I can use these qualities.

I love writing and I love helping people, so I decided blogging is the best thing for me!

Let me know what you find out about yourself down in the comment section, and maybe together we can find something thats right for you.

I will be posting some ideas here for you soon.



  1. Hello!

    Your article can be of so much help to the people who can get to read this. You can inspire a lot of people to find themselves and just o what they think they’re supposed to do.

    Although, I don’t think feedback is also that important. There could be a lot of discrimination that can happen around you. Just because you are doing good, you can have a lot of hunters and bashers. Yup, there can be that many insecure people in the world and one might even think of ignoring other people’s feedback instead of listening to them.

    • Hi Chanan,

      Thanks, I am hoping it will be of use to people and inspire them to achieve all that they can.Feedback as you say ,can be negative from the wrong set of people, but getting it from your friends and family,those people close to you, will ensure that you get the positive feedback that you are really trying to get.

      Thanks for visiting!

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